The Engineering Team at Recab

The Recab engineering team has through years of experience with developing products established a successful and effective organization. Our engineers work closely with our customers to create exceptional products that meet the requirements and demands for the application.

Cost effective and custom engineered solutions
Our services for system design are adaptable to any stage of a project and our experience guarantee delivery of cost effective and custom engineered solutions. Recab also offers system integration, configuration, tests and various types of certification (CE, IEC etc.), as well as training and education to deliver a complete solution for our customers.

Embedded Computer Systems, Industrial Data Communication, Sensor, ID & vision
Three areas where customers have high requirements for quality and performance. By acknowledging the value of quality technology while working within cost, time and life cycle constraints, our engineers do what is necessary for each individual application to tailor the right solution for the customer – see a selection of our solutions.

It is common for customers to choose between off-the-shelf products or to let develop a custom-made solution for its application. Recab can provide what we call Custom-Off-The-Shelf. These are standard off-the-shelf products that is modified to meet the customer needs. This approach minimizes risks and reduce time-to-market, as well as costs for consulting and development.

Quality at the best price every time
We have 40+ engineers inhouse in the Recab Group and through our partner network we have access to wide expertise, and resources.  Recab has always been about collaboration.
– “We don’t want to reinvent the wheel each time” says Recab´s Head of Engineering Brian Axbøg -The relationships we have built with best-in-class organizations of our suppliers mean that we know our clients are getting proven quality at the best price every time.”

Our goal is to always deliver high quality products, expert advice and support to our customers. If you want to get in touch with our engineers, please fill out the form below, use the chat below to the right, or mail us.