GRP products are our expertise.

AMT PROJEKT is a producer and seller GRP products and products for the construction of communal infrastructure. We also offer various solutions for remediation, assembly, commissioning and projects

About us

AMT PROJEKT d.o.o. is a producer and seller of GRP products for the construction
of communal infrastructure. We also offer services of various kinds, such as
remediation, assembly, commissioning and project solutions. We use different
production technologies (machine winding, manual laminate, spray up, vacuum and

• Drinking water and rainwater containers
• Technological process water containers from production processes
• Chemicals containers, single and double walled
• Oil separators and grease traps
• Pumping stations – we offer hardware and electrical installations for polyester and water
pumping stations
• Water treatment plants (also performing engineering on large treatment plants)
• Water tanks
• Containers for maintenance of road infrastructure (storage, mixing, sand containers)
• Septic tanks
• Drain well

• We are improving the environment.

A reliable partner intehnological solutions ofmanicipal infrastructure andproduction of GRP productsfor sustainability – conscioususers.

• Teamwork
• Constant improvment
• Business operation
• Responsible and partnership – based operation
• Originality and creativity
• Open and respectful comunication

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Production Technologies

Machine winding polyester GRP pipes

When making GRP pipes we use a wet process on a working machine which enables the winding of the glass reinforcement by adding different polyester resins. The tubes are mechanically removed from the machine after hardening and disassembled on the disassembling device.

Hand Laminate to combine different composites

We use hand laminating to apply various polyester resins and glass reinforcements on prepared mold and tools. You can use the hand laminating technique for the production of finished GRP products as well as for joining various composites into finished products. The procedure makes it possible to join various composites in the field, for example, PVC – GRP and concrete – GRP.

Spraying process for creating fiberglass products

The spray process is one of the methods for creating fiberglass products. Using different polyester resins and glass reinforcement in this process allows the gradual simultaneous spraying of polyester resin and sewn glass fibred to become a specific thickness of the product. GRP products as well as for combining various composites into finished products. The procedure can combine composites PVC – GRP and concrete – GRP.

Vacuum process

In the vacuum technique, we process various polyester resins and glass reinforcements with the help of a two-sided tool. The glass reinforcement is placed on the mold and the tool seals hermetically and initiates a polyester resin using a vacuum. The tool opens after hardening and the product demould and goes into further processing.

Infusion process

During the infusion process we use various polyester and glass reinforcements that are combined with a one-sided tool. In the process the glass reinforcement is applied dry onto the mold and then sealed with foil and polyester resin which initiates a vacuum. After hardening the tool opens and the product demould before going into further processing. Using this vacuum- and infusion procedure is a friendly method for both the workers and the environment.

CNC modeling for GRP products

We help clients with both modeling CNC models and cutting and manufacturing holes on GRP products.

Projects and Services


A project where we did an installation of extension container on the Podgrad treatment plant.


We helped the client with a project solution and the actual procedure; Remediation of the 2:nd turnkey system “Acroni” facility.


We help with sanitation and maintenance of swimming pools and composite containers. In this project we also repaired the basin in the elementary school Tone Čufar.