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Etic RAS-100 Datasheet


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The Etic RAS-100 Series Routers is the simplest variant. The product always has one WAN and one LAN. the difference between the variants in the series is which WAN they offer. The different options are Ethernet, WiFi or 3G/4G, in some case, in combination. The products are equipped with a metal housing and are mounted on a DIN rail. Filled with functions for security and other things. The RAS series is used with advantage together with the VPN service M2Me. Please find more information in the datasheet. Etic RAS-100 Series Routers WAN – LAN

  • IP31 metal casing with DIN rail fixing system
  • WAN connection: cellular 3G+ World Wide/4G, Ethernet or WiFi
  • LAN connection: 1 Ethernet port
  • M2Me solution on board
  • SMS and E-Mail (option)Compatible option Collect&Alert
  • Compatible with option Collect & Alert
  • Compatible with option EticDISPLAY

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